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First Legaltech Hungary 2019 – Budapest

Legaltech is dedicated to the relationship between law and digital technology. It was in this spirit that the one-day event was organized by for the Digital Future Foundation.

The event took place on May 16, 2019 at the Microsoft …

Broadband Forum Asia – Bangkok

As the only European participant in the Business Summit, the Digital Future Foundation was given the opportunity to chair the 5G Connectivity section on Day One. In his opening speech, Ákos Bóna gave a summary of the market changes …

IPQuorum 2019 – Kalinyingrád

For the second time, the Digital Future Foundation participated in an international event held April 10-12.

International examples were presented at the three-day event on the topic of “New Global Identity Project”. It was of special interest for our participation …

XX. CEO event – Párkány

Az esemény weboldalán more information.

Our colleague introduced the EU and the digital world businessmen at the prestigious event for prominent domestic business people.

AGRO Mash – Budapest

Approximately 350 exhibitors on 40,000 square meters over four days presented their product offering at Input Mechanization Logistics at an event held January 23-26, 2019.

A Fellow for the Digital Future Foundation, What Does Digital Transformation Mean in Agriculture? SMARt …

ICT 2018 – Bécs

Az osztrák EU elnőkséget lezáró, digitális rendezvényt it was held from 4-6 December 2018 in Vienna.

Representatives of the Digital Future Foundation participated in the annual Digital Skills and Jobs Coalltion event and, within this framework, at the Digital Skills …

EU Broadband Awards 2018 – Brüsszel

For years, the EU has been organizing a key event to reward projects that are most innovative in next generation broadband.

The Digital Future Foundation also participated in this event and helped with the registration of several domestic projects.

The number …