EU Broadband Awards 2018 – Brüsszel

For years, the EU has been organizing a key event to reward projects that are most innovative in next generation broadband.

The Digital Future Foundation also participated in this event and helped with the registration of several domestic projects.

The number of projects coming from Hungary, which was discussed during the …

Professional interview on (Hungarian business website)

Bóna Ákos interjút adott a nak.

80% of the professions may disappear – action is urgently needed.

There is an uproar around 5G, everyone is moving, but there are still some elements missing from the so-called gigabit society – for example, urgent action is needed in education.

Broadband World Forum 2018 – Berlin

For the second time, the staff of the Digital Future Foundation participated in the event, which took place on October 23-25, 2018 in Berlin.

On the multi-day program, our own presentation – Broadband Strategies: Beyond 2025 – outlined the digital future in a panel with Telefonica and Orange multinationals.

Pictures of …

ITU 5G – Athén

A 2018 októberében rendezett ITU konferencián the Digital Future Foundation also participated. On the first day, in the morning panel discussion at% G, our colleague was able to express our professional position.