First meeting: 12/09/2019, Budapest:

Signatory process and ceremony of the Digital Social Agreement for West Balkans. Planned attendance of the event are the WB6 country high level representatives (Minister, Deputy Minister and State Secretary), EIB and the Director for Innovation at DG Connect. Members and Supporters of The Digital Future Foundation will also participate at the signatory, in order to strenghten the professional significance of the Agreement.


Agreement pre – Digital Social Agreement for West Balkans


The Digital Innovation Forum is an extended civil initiative, that goes way beyond governmental, industry and service providers conciliator forums. The Digital Innovation Forum is a professional community coordinated by The Digital Future Foundation.

Members and Supporters of The Digital Innovation Forumare all committed to support rapid development of future proof broadband networks (eg. 5G), create the balance between demand and supply side and also eliminate all obstacles from raising the level of digital skills amongst citizens and companies as well.

All the above actions support competitiveness, provide equal opportunities for all, thrive the development of cyber security and close the gap between EU and US/Asian in socio- economic terms.

The Digital Innovation Forum supports all actions/projects that are moving the main goals forward in practice.

The network of The Digital Innovation Forum acts a catalyst where not only the exploration of digital innovation happens – LEARN – but also the effective sharing of those projects – SHARE – result in mutual professional and business achievements while bringing awareness and recognition for our network – CHANGE.

The Digital Innovation Forum intends to channel EUR 150 million direct investment to the region between 2021-2027 for the following innovation directions:

– future proof broadband network deployment (5G ready),
– foster digital skills (education, knowledge sharing),
– digital transformation across industries,

– innovative services based on digital infrastructure (e- utility),

– e-commerce (integrated systems, e-taxation)



– Second meeting: 15-17/10/2019, Amsterdam:

Members of The Digital Innovation Forum can showcase the main elements of the Digital Social Agreement for West Balkans during the Broadband World Forum event in Amsterdam,



– Third meeting: 3/12/2019, Brussels:

During the EU Flagship Broadband Days, Members of the Digital Innovation Forum will connect challenges and solutions for WB6 countries in a dedicated panel session. By the end of panel the Forum will conclude the action plan for 2020.