Our goals

The Digital Future Foundation is a comprehensive non-profit initiative that contributes to the intentions and expectations of its supporters with its independent, professional activities. Our Foundation supports all ideas and services under development that facilitate the digital catch-up of each social stratum. We support and realize industry-independent solutions where any form of the online technology plays a part.

Broadband World Forum

Berlin Messe hosted the largest broadband event of the year "Broadband World Forum" for the first time between 23rd and 25th October 2017.
Broadband forum Berlin

Our activities:

Implementing online services, IT education, digital catch-up, promoting internet based services, digital catch-up of the small and medium size company sector (home page, domain, developing mobile, internet banking and insurance packages, EU and Hungarian tender financing, providing bank loans for implementing online services). finding, managing EU tenders, project management.

Informing the public, research, studies

Monitoring the status of digitalization in Hungary and in the world, especially in the European Union, preparing surveys, databases, studies. Building up a knowledge base by utilizing our own and external sources. Regularly publishing reports to provide comprehensive information to companies and individuals. Publishing authentic, short and application-ready information.

Value transmission innovation, education

Building up or contributing to projects that will be organically integrated into the Hungarian digital culture. Representing and implementing regular, meaningful trends, measuring and demonstrating specific results. Helping to explore and familiarize with the opportunities of digital future in trainings and events

Value creation development, realization

The Foundation wishes to participate actively in specific projects. Support funds, tender funds and European Union grants are utilized in applications, technologies and innovative developments that improve the digital quality of life in our country and in the European Union. We keep searching for and receiving ideas and opportunities whose realization would result in concrete services or knowledge especially for Hungarian and European Union users.

Catching-up telework, tele-education

Developing telework and tele-education programs. Our Foundation supports the creation of pilot projects and their introduction to the general public whose best practices could be utilized by both employers and employees. We want to introduce role models to people who use info-communication devices in innovative ways in their job. We wish to appreciate and promote the work of those people who excel in promoting online work and implementing innovative solutions.

Digital projects

Our aim is to realize good ideas. If you have an excellent digital idea or even a not fully developed service that meets the goals of the Foundation, we partner with you to attempt to turn it into a real service or product in the digital space.

Incubator services

Our Foundation helps developing startup companies having progressive ideas with our assets and wide-ranging professional network. Using our assistance, you may just as well enter the international markets with you product or service if it proves to be beneficial for the digital society.